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Photos of the Bihar Pride Parade Show How Homophobic India Is Slowly Changing

The pride parade in Patna on July 14 had to swap the Pride Flag for the Transgender Pride Flag, but hundreds of people showed up to support the queer community.
Javed Sultan

Asia's Newest Nation of Timor-Leste Is Fighting for LGBTQ Rights

The nation of Timor-Leste is predominantly Roman Catholic. Yet it’s leading a fight for LGBTQ rights in a part of the world where such rights are increasingly under attack.
Adi Renaldi
New music

Vic Mensa’s ‘Free Love’ Features Lil B, Le1f, Halsey, and Malik Yusef

The new pro-LGBT song is released to coincide with Pride Month.
Noisey Staff

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum March in NYC Pride Parade

This is an important step.
Liam Daniel Pierce
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch an NYPD Officer Put His Ass Into It with a Gay Pride Marcher

The whole thing ended with a kiss on the cop's neck, a love tap to his badge, and a reminder that some police officers are real human beings with real emotions.
River Donaghey

Sweden's Indigenous Sami People Held Their First-Ever Pride Event

Last Thursday the world’s first Sápmi Pride kicked off in the northern Swedish town of Kiruna. It was the first-ever event of its kind organized by and for the indigenous Sami people, who hail from Sápmi, an area in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia.
Hanna Blåhed

I Went to the Dyke March and Remembered What Pride Was About

The Dyke March website promised me giant dyke puppets and a swimming pool full of naked ladies carried by other naked ladies, but I only saw slow-walking women in tank tops and shorts, holding hands. But seeing so many women coming together gave me a...
Sofya Levina

Street Battles Rage in France Over Gay Marriage

A gay marriage bill came up in the National Assembly in October and will be voted on soon. Sensing that the bill will easily pass, La Manif and VITA Alliance are staging their mass protests and demanding that the issue be put to a nationwide referendum...
Alex McQuillan