The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Donald Trump Celebrated His Victory Over the Republican Party

After a resounding victory in Indiana, the reality-TV star is going to be the GOP's presidential nominee.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Donald Trump Just Called for Ending All Muslim Immigration to the US

The GOP's latest policy position seems so shockingly bigoted that it's difficult to believe it's not a prank.
VICE Staff

2015 Was Korean Rap's Breakthrough Year

If 2014 was the year the underground Korean rap scene captured mainstream attention, 2015 was the year it grew so big that even the Pacific Ocean couldn’t contain it.
Madeleine Lee
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Donald Trump Went Full Trump in a Tirade Against Ben Carson

The reality TV star made a bizarre speech to an Iowa crowd in which he compared his fellow GOP candidate to a child molester.
Brian McManus

Who 'Won' Wednesday's Republican Debate?

Carly Fiorina stood out among a field of sweaty dudes, petty squabbling, and debates over autism.
Harry Cheadle

Primary and Suran Just Became South Korea's Catchiest Social Critics

Credit debt, plastic surgery, and the Gangnam lifestyle come under fresh R&B fire. We sat down with Primary and Suran to discuss their hit song and Primary's new album.
Jakob Dorof

Rap Monster Is Proving Assumptions About Korean Idol Rappers Wrong

It's time to start taking the breakout star of BTS seriously as a rapper.
Blanca Méndez