35 Years In, Prog-Thrash Greats Voivod Are Still Reaching for Outer Space

Guitarist Dan Mongrain explains how his classical training helped lead the Quebec legends into new dimensions on their 14th album, 'The Wake'.
Nathan Carson

Night Verses' 'From the Gallery of Sleep' Is Like Prog-Metal Salvador Dalí

The L.A. trio venture into uncharted realms of arrangement and hyper-technical playing on their new album, so we talked to them about embracing their eclectic influences and the nature of dreams.
Daniel G. Wilson
Noisey News

Get Your T-Shirts and Divination Scrolls Out, Tool Are Going on Tour for the First Time in a Bit

They waited five years, almost as long as the length of one of their own songs, to come back to Canada.
Phil Witmer

Bangladeafy's Jon Ehlers Is Doomed to Play Rock Music, Hearing Disability be Damned

Stream the NYC proggy drum'n'bass duo's bewildering new EP and read an interview with Ehlers on disability representation, jazz, and hearing aids.
The Greatest Things Of All Time

A Tribute to Muse, the Band That Mounts the World

An entirely unprompted celebration of the band that does rock music the best because they do it the dumbest.
Phil Witmer

The Killers' Mark Stoermer Drops His Second Solo LP 'Dark Arts' Right Here

With influences including Godard, Rembrandt, and Pink Floyd, Stoermer indulges with this new LP. We talk to the bassist about going back to school, wassup with The Killers, and more.
Kim Taylor Bennett

PREMIERE: Völur Puts Heathen Folk/Doom on the Map with Their Gorgeous New Album, 'Disir'

The Toronto trio's Prophecy Productions debut is a winsome blend of pastoral folk, gentle prog, atmospheric doom, and old world magic.
Kim Kelly

The Vikings are Coming! Noisey Presents Enslaved, Wardruna, and More at New York By Norse

Prepare for a Norwegian invasion on December 9 and 10, 2016!
Noisey Staff

Astronoid's 'Air' Is the Happiest Dream Thrash Record You'll Ever Hear

This Boston troupe's new album for Blood Music is a joyful mishmash of thrash, prog, shoegaze, and even pop-punk —just the way they like it.
Emily Reily

Save Us From The Archon Show Prog-Metal Exuberance in Their New Video

Their video for "Dearest Forgetful, I Have" is all the shredding you wish you were capable of.
John Hill
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Between The Buried And Me's Paul Waggoner Ranks the Band's Hefty Seven Records

Follow the band's path from their raw self-titled to their newest 'Coma Ecliptic.'
Brian Leak

Nick Millevoi Follows His Own Trip with the Supremely Weird Desert Noir of 'Desertion'

For his newest solo project, Millevoi dialed down his usual firestorm of proggy notes and upped the epic Neil Young-influenced guitar solo ante.
Brad Cohan