public sex


Some Questions for That Viral Ass Eating Threesome at an EDM Festival

Let's start with "why?"
Julian Morgans

The Pleasure and Pain of Being Disabled in the BDSM Community

"People were always kind of onboard with me being a submissive or masochist—although they were always worried about hitting me too hard and knocking a joint out of place."
Mark Hay

Wet, Hot Summer: Why So Many People Are Having Sex in Public

Ever since the sun came out there have been multiple reports of couples being caught going at it in broad daylight in the middle of towns and cities.
Patrick Heardman

Meet the Organizers Behind What Might Be the World's First Disabled Orgy

It's a place where you can see every kind of naked body. Whether or not you get naked and have sex with one is up to you, your prospective partner, and the equipment you bring.
Mike Pearl
Neither Big nor Easy

The Messy Aftermath of a Rape at New Orleans's Beloved Nudist Country Club

The clothes have come back on and the victim has suffered panic attacks and public shaming.
Michael Patrick Welch

Will London's Porn Cinemas Survive the Coming Wave of Gentrification?

The authorities are cracking down on places that were once a safe haven for people with nowhere else to go.
John Lucas

This Guy Is Losing His Virginity in Public for an Art Project

"It's one for the grandkids, I think," said the London art student, who apparently wants to tell his grandchildren all about the time he had sex in public with paint on his body.
Dan Wilkinson