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Question Will Tear You Apart With Their Hardcore Punk Invective

The Minneapolis/NYC band have finally released their debut album of scorching crust inspired punk.
Tim Scott
Question Of The Day

What Will Life Be Like in 100 Years?

We won't have time for emotions in our beige future.
Henrietta Hitchcock
Question Of The Day

Whose Phone Would You Hack?

Apparently, the lure of spying on other people's lives is too much for anyone to resist.
Kareem Ghezawi
Question Of The Day

Are Athletes Sexy?

Or do they all just look like meat covered in slime?
VICE Staff
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What's the Worst Vacation You've Ever Been On?

These people have had some pretty awful vacay experiences.
Alice Mckeever
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Would You Eat Your Family if Your Plane Crashed on an Island and They Were Already Dead?

Cannibalism is only one bad vacation away.
VICE Staff
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How Do You Want to Die?

Not everyone can die with my girlfriend, before you all start asking.
VICE Staff
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What’s the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

It’s been pretty fun dominating the planet and everything, but let’s face it—someday, probably someday soon, we’re all going to die.
VICE Staff
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What Part of a Person Would You Eat First?

Surprisingly, everyone we talked to had an answer for this one. What is wrong with you people?
VICE Staff
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Who Was That Guy Hosting the Oscars Last Night?

Last night, we noticed that the guy from "City Slickers" was hosting the Oscars for the 47th time. We wondered if the average Joe on the street remembers who that guy is.
VICE Staff