record store day

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Every Nerd You Meet on Record Store Day

From the guy who complains about the day's commercialization to the guy who dutifully buys whatever Bob Dylan exclusive crap they've got, here are all the characters you can expect to encounter.
Dan Ozzi

How Can We Make the Vinyl Boom Sustainable for Fans?

The current boom is creating lifelong fans from a new generation, and it goes beyond buying “special edition” vanilla chocolate-swirl reissues.
Eduardo Cepeda
Noisey Blog

“What’d You Get?" Bugging People on Record Store Day

We hung out in a record store on Record Store Day and asked people what they were stuffing into their tote bags.
Noisey Staff

Stream the Soundtrack to La Dispute's 'Tiny Dots' Documentary in Full

Listen to the original score and live performances from the documentary ahead of its release as a Record Store Day exclusive.
Noisey Staff
New music

The New Terry Record Involves Sweet Pop, Two Couples, Three Songs and Love

Take a listen to the greatest pop song to ever reference Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie.
Tim Scott

How Producers Are Breaking the Bland Limits of Plain Black Vinyl

Black vinyl is boring. For Record Store Day, we look at how artists like Shlohmo, Giraffage and Matthew Dear are pushing the boundaries of what a record should look like.
Mike Steyels
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Father John Misty Wins for Most Adorable Record Store Day Release Ever

Listen to "I Loved You, Honeybee" and "Never Been A Woman."
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Run the Jewels Just Dropped a Fire New Track for Record Store Day

Listen to "Bust No Moves" right here.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Blur's New Single "My Terracotta Heart" is a Beautiful Bummer

Listen to another new track off the Brit-pop heroes' upcoming new album.
Noisey Staff

Record Store Day Is Lame

When did selling music become all about making money?
Some Fucking Dork
Holy Shit

Slayer Goes Dark on a Foreboding New Record Store Day Track, "When the Stillness Comes"

Listen to a new track off the Big Four thrash kings' upcoming Record Store Day release.
Kim Kelly
Longreads Or Whatever

Repressed: How Independent Artists and Labels Are Getting Squeezed Out by the “Vinyl Revival”

Record sales have risen 900 percent over the last decade. So why is that bad?
Mike Campbell