recycled art


Junked Digital Cameras Morph into Adorable Robots

Writer and artist James Rauff makes cute mutant creatures out of old electronics.


This Artist Recycles Typewriters into Guns

Eric Nado joins the history of type with the history of war in his thought provoking series of typewriter-guns.


Intricate Collages Turn Everyday Detritus into Iconic Portraits

Brazilian artist Christian Pierini immortalizes his favorite pop culture icons using the stuff that surrounds him.


Meet Latin America's First Eco-Friendly Cultural Centre

Artist Francisco Toledo integrates Oaxaca’s tradition for arts and crafts to new art audiences.


This Trash Art Residency Makes Waste Wonderous

The art made at the Recycled Artist In Residency (RAIR) is garbage... literally.


Woven Aluminum Tapestries Anchor a Legendary Ghanian Artist's Retrospective

El Anatsui's most monumental works in wood, tin, and other metals go on display at Jack Shainman Gallery's Upstate New York “School.”


Haroshi's Sculptures Turn Broken Skateboards into Art

The skateboarder-turned-self-taught artist's repurposed pieces take over Jonathan LeVine Gallery.


Old Light Bulbs Find New Life in Glowing Moon Sculpture

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett 'New Moon' repurposes old incandescents to create an interactive installation of light and shadow.


We Talked To The Artist Turning E-Waste Into Projected Star Maps

With "Project Project," Julia Christensen transforms old tech into projectors through which she beams animations of obsolete constellations.


6,000 CDs Used To Make Giant Light Wall In Bulgaria

So this is what happened to our forgotten Blink-182 albums...