Enough with the Batman Movies Already

Robert Pattinson will apparently be the new Batman. But do we really need more Batmen?
Drew Schwartz

The Future of the Sitcom Is in the Past

Traditional networks are increasingly looking at rebooting old shows and that might actually be a win for progressives.
Jaime Weinman

'Ben-Hur' Couldn't Have Been Worse

The new version of the Charlton Heston epic barely qualifies as a remake. In fact, it barely qualifies as a film.
J. W. McCormack

Why Hollywood's Obsession with Remakes and Sequels Needs to Die

Hollywood is drowning in nostalgia and milking every franchise known to man, and now it's coming for 'Beetlejuice.' It's time to take a stand.
Hannah Ewens
VICE vs Video games

Ten Things I Hate About Video Games in 2015

Video games are great! Except for when they're wrapped up in shit we don't need. Which happens a lot.
Jonathan Beach

This Kid Rented Out a Theater and Recreated an Entire Lady Gaga Concert

A 16-year-old made the decision to recreate the Born This Way Ball after Gaga broke her hip and canceled a show in the Midwest. "I was like, Chicago didn't even get to see the Born This Way Ball," he said. "I decided I'm gonna make it happen."
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

The 'Halloween' Franchise Is Getting Resurrected Yet Again

John Carpenter's 1978 original is a horror classic, but the sequels and remakes that followed have been mostly unwatchable. So why is it coming back?
Giaco Furino

The New 'Annie' Movie Broke My Heart

Turns out you can't replace Carol Burnett with Cameron Diaz.
Tess Barker

When Did Nerds Become So Intolerant?

Any time a film critic dares to criticize a movie that the general public has already declared a masterpiece, they are insulted, abused, and in some cases, the subject of death threats. What makes fanboys so eager to attack any difference of opinion?
Dave Schilling
A Few Impressions

Psycho, Psycho, Psycho

The story of <i>Psycho</i> began with Ed Gein, a real dude who lived in Wisconsin in the 50s. Gein was a sick bastard who liked going to the cemetery and digging up women whom he thought looked like his mother. But what is still vital about <i>Psycho...
James Franco