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We Spoke to the Legends Who Took Their Landlord to Court and Won

Ben Leonard, who recently won a court case against his landlord, told us how he and his housemates fought the system.
Lauren O'Neill

Long Term Renters on Why They Chose to Not Buy a House

Buying a house often isn't an option. So we asked, is renting forever really that bad?
Sam Nichols
Australia Today

You Can Have a Pet in Your Rental (in Victoria)!

The new rules are a win for animals and basic human decency.
Wendy Syfret
Australia Today

So Can You Have a Pet in Your Rental Property or Not?

Last year the Victorian government made a lot of noise with their push to allow tenants to have pets. But 10 months later, little has happened.
Wendy Syfret
Australia Today

There Are Only Three Affordable Rental Properties in Australia

If you're on Youth Allowance or Newstart. And it's not much better for other low-income earners, new data shows.
Rebecca Kamm

The Absolute Worst Things About Moving House

It's highly likely that you, like me, have to move at least once a year. Here are the worst things about it
Joel Golby

Ten Simple Ways To Make Renting Less Awful

I have solved the housing crisis.
Hannah Ewens
Australia Today

Got a Spare $1 Million? Buy This Sydney House That's Literally Falling Down

This isn't a joke. So why am I laughing? Oh wait, nope, I'm crying.
VICE Staff

Victoria’s New Rental Laws Could Create Sharehouse Utopia

Less bond, more dogs, longer leases...and you can finally hang pictures on the wall.
Katherine Gillespie
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Neo-Nazis Can't Find Airbnbs for Their Massive Rally

The company has shut down accounts belonging to some members of the alt-right ahead of a major nationalist protest in Virginia.
Drew Schwartz
Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week

Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week: The Ceiling of This Apartment in Leslieville

Definitive photographic proof that Toronto landlords are just trolling us at this point.
Allison Tierney
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Finally: A Push to Make Australian Homes Affordable

Scott Morrison has pledged to cool real estate prices with the new budget, while Victoria scraps stamp duty for first home buyers.
Katherine Gillespie