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Tonight's Debate Really Is the GOP's Last Chance to Take Down Donald Trump

The billionaire frontrunner will be surrounded by his remaining primary rivals in Florida tonight, perhaps for the last time.
John Surico

A New App Is Trying to Forge Friendships Between Democrats and Republicans

The app, which formerly paired up Palestinians with Israelis, hopes to build relationships between people we expect to hate each other.
Batya Ungar-Sargon
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VICE's Live Coverage of the Iowa Caucuses

Follow along as the first primary of the 2016 presidential campaign unfolds.
VICE Politics Staff
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Sarah Palin Has Officially Endorsed Trump for President

The strange, but not particularly surprising, case of politician-turned-reality star supporting reality star-turned-politician.
River Donaghey
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What You Need to Know About Tuesday's Republican Presidential Debate

After a five-week hiatus, the GOP candidates resume their amateur cage fights at the CNN debate in Las Vegas.
VICE Staff
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Donald Trump Doesn't Give a Shit That You Hate His Anti-Muslim Immigration Idea

Even Dick Cheney is like "WTF?"
Brian McManus
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We Asked Latino Republicans What They Really Want from GOP Candidates in 2016

In the GOP's alternate universe of mass deportations and anchor babies and IRS agents patrolling the border, what does it mean to be a conservative who supports immigration reform?
Meredith Hoffman
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What We Learned from Last Night's Republican Presidential Debate

After three bouts of amateur cage-fighting, the Republican 2016 candidates are finally starting to take this shit at least semi-seriously.
John Surico

The Real Reason Donald Trump Bombed on 'SNL'

Trump is not just the world's most famous New Yorker, he's also one of the great New Yorker villains, every bit a Big Apple Bad Guy as Son of Sam, King Kong, or Boss Tweed. So why was he pretending to be a regular guy?
Sam McPheeters
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Ben Carson's Rap Radio Ad Is an Embarrassment for Everyone

The raptastic radio spot is yet another example of the Republican Party fundamentally misunderstanding its relationship with hip-hop.
Drew Millard
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It's Hard to Run for President When Nobody Likes You: The Jeb Bush Story

If the Jeb! campaign isn't on a respirator yet, it's because the respirator is being pushed down the hallway to its hospital room.
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VICE Liveblogged the Third Republican Debate

Live coverage of the GOP's third goat rodeo, hosted by CNBC.
VICE Staff