summer of screamo

Virginia Is for Screamo Lovers

Years after the state became a prolific mecca for hardcore bands, a new generation is now carrying the torch.
Dan Ozzi
Australia Today

Fatal Overdoses in Victoria Have Reached a 17-Year High

The state has seen 952 heroin-related overdoses since 2012.
Mahmood Fazal
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Richmond Gets a Safe Injecting Centre as Heroin Deaths Hit a 20-Year Peak

Premier Daniel Andrews has finally green lit a trial to start June 2018.
Maddison Connaughton

Site Where Sea Lion Grabbed Little Girl Is Now a Tourist Destination

People have been flocking in hopes of spotting the creature despite government warnings.
Allison Tierney
AFL Quarter Season Awards

The 2017 AFL Quarter Season Awards: Bontempelli wins the Brownlow, Swans will play finals and Buckley is Gone-Gone-Gone

Don your favourite threads, roll out the red carpet and sit back because we've got 16 annoyingly early-season awards to dish out.
Justin Robertson

Lamb of God Shares New Video "Embers," Mark Morton Pens Essay About the Loss of His Child

Guitarist Mark Morton pens an emotional essay about the darkest time in his life and how it ties into "Embers."
Noisey Staff

Dance the Day Away with Avers' Video for "Vampire"

The video, featuring a man in a motorcycle helmet and some serious butt-emphasizing jorts dancing wildly, wonderfully captures the light-hearted vibe of the song.
Annalise Domenighini
the psychological football compendium

Examining the Learnt Helplessness of Richmond, Collingwood, Fremantle, St Kilda and Footscray AFL Fans

'Fuck this' and head shaking are common responses and can strike from nowhere.
David Latham

Cough's Latest Doom Triumph 'Still They Pray' Is a Warning and a Curse

Stream the Richmond doom titans' new album, their first since 2010's 'Ritual Abuse.'
Ben Handelman
festivals 2016

Preview a New Fried Egg Song Before They Take Out Themselves (and Half the Audience) At Not Horrible Fest

The Richmond, Virginia punks debut was released on that most obnoxious of all musical formats, the flex-disc.
Juliet Perry & Christina Pap

Welcome to the Unholy Chaos of Divine Council

Watch the internet sensations' new video for "DBSB" and get ready for their upcoming debut album.
Joseph Henry Staten

Cretins New Album May Be Called ‘Meat’ But Their Music Is of the Greasy and Sinewy Variety

The Richmond, Virginia punks drop a new record of ugly and gnarly hardcore.
Tim Scott