Why Young People Helped Elect a Far-Right Authoritarian Government in Brazil

Young Brazilians don't remember military rule — so they elected someone who wants to revive it
David Noriega

Kanye West's Apology Tweets Mean Nothing

After publishing a string of tweets that hinted at a rejection of right-wing inanity, West quickly made sure to point out he wasn't really turning his back on a monstrous year. What else could we expect?
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

T.I. Disavows Kanye West: "I'm Ashamed to Have Ever Been Associated with You"

The Atlanta rapper wrote that West's display at the White House was "the most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation and auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I've ever seen."
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey Guide

A Guide to the Right-Wing Losers Who Suddenly Love Kanye West

Who are these MAGA people who are all suddenly Kanye stans?
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

The Extended Cut of Kanye West's TMZ Interview Is Hard to Watch

There's more footage of West shouting towards the TMZ newsroom, and more thoughts from Van Lathan, whose eloquent response to West's comments stood out in a shorter clip yesterday.
Alex Robert Ross

Justin Trudeau Said 'Peoplekind' and Right Wing Media Is Very Upset!

Here’s your definitive analysis of the clip Fox News really wants you to see.
Drew Brown
French politics

France's Front National Fans Aren't Giving Up Yet

We spent some time in Marseilles with campaigners who are determined to see Le Pen "fix" their country.
Aris Roussinos

Gays Really Love Germany's Racist, Homophobic Far Right Party

How, exactly, did the European far right capture gay voters and candidates? It was easier than you think.
Thomas Rogers
London attack

How the British Far Right Capitalised on the London Attack

It took no time at all for the right to start spreading misinformation, using a tragedy for its own ends.
Yohann Koshy
Westminster Attack

The Script We All Follow After a Terror Attack

Five years ago atrocities were followed by speechlessness. Now, everyone has their bit to say and their part to play.
Sam Kriss

Could an Exclusively Right-Wing Society Ever Be Truly Happy?

According to science and psychology, should we all be striving for a left or a right-wing "utopia"?
Scott Oliver

Unwrapping the Conspiracy Theory at the Heart of the Alt-Right

You might have heard the term 'Cultural Marxism' thrown around by figureheads of the new radical right. This is what they're on about, and why they're wrong.
Scott Oliver