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The Whole Weezer/"Africa" Thing Was My Fault and I’m So Sorry

A Noisey editor's formal apology for helping to create a pop culture monster.


With "Zombie Bastards," Weezer Finally Confirm 'Black Album' Details

The long-rumored, Dave Sitek-produced record is out on March 1.


Weezer Share "Can't Knock The Hustle," the First Song from 'The Black Album'

Pete Wentz stars in the video; Dave Sitek produced the song; Rivers Cuomo sings, "Step to me / Bitch."


Weezer Are Putting Their “Africa” Cover on Vinyl! But It’s Already Sold Out

It'll be released through Urban Outfitters, because where else would you release a piece of meme-vinyl?


OK Bitches, It's Weezer and It's Weezy

Is this the greatest musical collaboration ever forged? Probably!


Shut Up and Enjoy Weezer, Because That's Exactly What They're Doing

By refusing to give a shit about living up to the haunting expectations of 'Pinkerton,' Weezer have grown past their criticism to release one of their best works to date.


Rivers Cuomo Dressed Like Elvis for Weezer's "King of the World" Performance on 'Fallon'

King of the world, king of sad-guy rock n' roll.


Watch Weezer's New Video for "King Of The World"

The White Album is coming April 1.


Weezer Drop New Song "Do You Wanna Get High?"

Is that question rhetorical?


Weezer’s “Lost” Science-Fiction Rock Opera Is Better Than Almost Everything They’ve Released in the Last 15 Years

They had two great albums: 'Blue' and 'Pinkerton.' But what about the unreleased sophomore album that came between the two?


“Don’t Touch the Rock Stars” - I Sang Onstage with Weezer

A Weezer show is like being made love to by a very experienced, tender, and efficient male escort, but with merch at the end.