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Rodeo Fans Threaten Animal Rights Activists at Event in New Zealand

"My kids are telling me to punch you in the fucking face," one person can be heard saying in a recording of the altercation.
Zoe Madden-Smith
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What It's Like to Raise a Professional Bull Rider

Watch the latest episode of the VICE documentary series 'Rites of Passage.'
Brittany Joyce

Photos from a Muddy, Messy Demolition Derby in France

Winning just isn't that important at the Rodeo Car Club.
Edouard Sepulchre
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'Redneck Sandals' Are the Bastard Children of Flip-Flops and Cowboy Boots

Redneck Boot Sandals are here to help your toes breath without having to sacrifice your 'style.'
River Donaghey
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New Zealand Rodeo Is Under Fire Following Claims Of Abuse

Rodeo opponents argue that the practice is cruel, and unlike its American equivalent, holds no place in New Zealand culture.
Danielle Street

The Brokeback Cowboys of Ohio's Gay Rodeo

I just watched grown men and women put tighty-whitey underwear on a goat. Competitively. Welcome to the gay rodeo.
Skyler Reid

Hanging Out with Bull Riders and Barn Dancers in France

Rednecks from all over the world gathered last month at France's biggest country music festival, West Country Festival.
Lila Van der Meulen

Meet Rodeo's Most Successful Black Cowboy

After decades of being one of the only African American athletes at rodeos, Fred Whitfield has seen the type crazy cowboy shit you can't make up. We talked to him about rodeo racism, bar room brawls, and cocaine.
Daniel Otis

Louisiana State Penitentiary Hosts a Rodeo for Its Inmates

"We see it as a vital tradition and good reward for the inmates who deserve to be here today. It’s a big privilege to be allowed to take part in the rodeo, and they know that," said Warden Cain. "It also allows us to raise much needed funds for our...
Giles Clarke
This Week in Racism

Orson Scott Card Is Officially the Most Racist Sci-Fi Author

The author of <i>Ender's Game</i> continues his bid to be the most hateful man in America by inventing a scenario in which Barack Obama becomes a Hitler-like dictator who uses street gangs to pacify the country.
Dave Schilling
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Brian Cassey

Brian Cassey