Rose Marie Cromwell

    • 12.22.14

      Imagining JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's Love Letters

      "Jamie Dimon: Before the Nation Went Bankrupt" is a performance art piece about the executive's fictional sex life.

    • 9.10.14

      The Golden Zone: Hunting a Hit Man in Mexico

      We were hunting a man who got paid to kill people. He was bisexual, and his preferred weapon was an Uzi submachine gun that left its victims nearly unidentifiable. He was employed by a powerful organization with a lot of money to spend and even more to...

    • 8.27.14

      Come to the 2014 VICE Photo Show in Los Angeles!

      We're throwing a party in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate our 2014 photo issue—and lucky you, you're invited!

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    • 8.4.14

      Rose Marie Cromwell: Blooms

      "The life of a flower is a fleeting moment, and it's this ephemeral nature that makes flowers so desirable. Perhaps an artificial flower represents an attempt to conquer death; a very human attempt, which imbues plastic flowers with their own aura of...