Two Different 'Dick Run Claires' Are Feuding Online over Who Came First

"I don't mind that she’s running dicks. I mind that she’s acting like she came up with this without crediting me."
River Donaghey

Meet 'Dick Run Claire,' the Woman Who Draws Dicks With Running Apps

Claire's run dozens of routes resembling penises of various shapes and sizes.
Gavin Butler
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The Fat-Burning Effects of HIIT Workouts Are Exaggerated

Here’s a closer look at the science on cardio and weight loss and what it all means for you.
Christian Finn
Phys Ed

Does Exercising Before Breakfast Help You Burn More Fat?

Critics like to say that fasted cardio is a catabolic menace that will strip away the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build.
Christian Finn
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This Is How Running and Cycling Affect the Way Your Body Builds Muscle

How much cardio should you do when you're trying to get stronger?
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Our Ancient Ancestors Would Crush Us in a Fitness Competition

We’ve evolved into a bunch of out of shape weaklings.
Michael Easter
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This Is the Effect Working Out Has on Your Bones

How active you are as a kid affects your bones forever.
Matt Jancer

A Fat Slob’s Guide to Running

I’m no good at it, and I hate it. So I asked an expert how to be less miserable.
Mack Lamoureux

Sweden's Refugee Runners

The refugee crisis in Europe is usually discussed in numbers such as: five million Syrians fleeing their country, 162,000 asylum applications to Sweden in 2015, an 82 percent drop one year later when Swedish parliament voted to toughen immigration laws.
VICE Sports
beer mile

The Beer Mile World Record Holder Is More Than Just a Gimmick Racer

Corey Bellemore is the beer mile world record holder. The 23-year-old is also one of Canada's top middle distance runners and has his sights set on making the national team.
Corey Erdman
Fighting Words

Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit

If you want to be in shape, skip the 10K training and sprint—but don't jog—to the nearest weight room.
Nick English
Life Inside

The Time I Ran a Marathon in Prison

The pain helps me be free, in a way, from the monotony of my life.
Jonathan Chiu