runway shows

    • 9.18.16

      Designers Are Trying to Make Fashion Week Great Again

      Industry insiders all agree that the way designers present collections is outdated and ineffective, as is the breakneck pace of the fashion cycle. This New York Fashion Week, however, some designers challenged the status quo.

    • 11.23.12

      Backstage Bulimia at the Runway Show

      It's hard not to consider purging when the only things you worry about is falling over and looking fat.

    • 11.17.12

      Crash Landing at the Runway Show

      I make my way into the loft and see half-naked models changing into ridiculous outfits. “You must be Melissa!” The peppy young assistant yells. “That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” I say back to her. No one laughs. She escorts me over to the designer...