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These LA Artists Are Keeping Jazz Raw as Hell

Kamasi Washington and Thundercat are making jazz cool again, but they're far from the only Angelenos helping LA reclaim its status as a boundary-pushing jazz city.
Ben Grenrock

Turkey's Death Metal Scene Thrives Despite Government Repression

With an authoritarian strongman in office and music venues scarce, brutal bands like Engulfed and Hellsodomy are still keeping the faith in Ankara and Istanbul.
Paul Benjamin Osterlund
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How Young Sea-Shifters Are Helping Recharge the Steel City

Drawn to cheaper living and good beaches, young creatives are helping Wollongong develop a vibrant music community.
Liam Apter
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Speakers in the House: Can Washington, DC Be a New Capital for Rap?

The DMV is finally developing a substantial hip-hop scene, and its sound, once defined purely by go-go, is evolving in the internet era.
Briana Younger
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Orange County Punk is Still Alive and Sneering

Meet the OGs and newcomers keeping a white-knuckled grip on Orange County's sweaty punk rock legacy.
Nate Jackson
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Upstate New York's Music Scene Is Even Heavier Than the Snowfall

Turns out there's a ton of killer metal, punk, and weirdo rock bands killing it up in Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo.
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Istanbul's Genre-Mixing Music Scene Won't Be Silenced By Limits on Free Expression

Turkey is a melting pot of cultures, and its storied capital is no exception. Explore arabesque, hip-hop, post-punk, and more from the conflicted, cosmopolitan city where East meets West.
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Tijuana's Independent Spirit Has Made It Home to One of Mexico's Most Exciting Music Scenes

Although it's more often the punchline of dirty jokes, Tijuana is proving there's a robust music scene in Mexico beyond the capital.
Erich E. Mendoza
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Phorget Phish: Burlington, Vermont's Eclectic Scene Goes Way Beyond Jam Bands and Ice Cream

The hippie home of Phish and Bernie Sanders is home to a ton of artists across different genres as well as a growing range of labels, venues, and even a vinyl manufacturing plant.
Ray Padgett
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Detroit Stays Grimy So You Don't Have To: A Guide to the Best Punk Shows in Rock City

Detroit's industrial playground continues to be a breeding ground for rock and punk weirdos. Also, the guitarist from Limp Bizkit lives here.
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Milwaukee's Best: The Wisconsin City Has Become a DIY Hip-Hop Haven

Brew City has never been a hip-hop destination, but a strong university arts scene and new sense of unity is changing that.
Tara Mahadevan
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North Carolina's Hip-Hop Scene Is Raising Up Something New and People Are Paying Attention

With established Raleigh MCs suddenly getting a national spotlight, Charlotte up-and-comers giving the city a new sound, and more, North Carolina hip-hop is having a moment like it hasn't seen in years.
Eric Tullis