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How Two British Boys Planned to Shoot Up Their School

Inspired by the Columbine school shooting, 14-year-olds Thomas Wyllie and Alex Bolland decided to take revenge on the people they felt had wronged them.
James Nolan
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This Pennsylvania School Gave Its Teachers Tiny Baseball Bats to Stop Shooters

A surefire deterrent against a domestic terrorist with a semi-automatic rifle.
Drew Schwartz
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

I Barely Survived a School Shooting, but I Don't Support a Ban on AR-15s

You have to look past the fact that you’re not going to stop evil, but how can you lessen it? How can you make evil not so capable?
Nathaniel Mueller
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Dylann Roof's Sister Arrested for Bringing Weapons and Weed to School

A resource officer busted her with a knife and pepper spray on the same day as the National School Walkout.
Drew Schwartz
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One Republican's Plan to Stop Mass Shootings: Fire Extinguishers

Because that'll stop gunmen right in their tracks.
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At Least Two Kids Were Shot at an Elementary School in South Carolina

Authorities say they have a teenage suspect in custody, and the two children sustained injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening. A female teacher was also wounded and taken away by ambulance.
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Suspended Medical Student Threatened Mass Shooting, According to Court Documents

A search warrant says police found 1,834 rounds of ammo in the man's home.
Hilary Beaumont

I’ve Been Pen Pals with Nearly 50 Murderers and Serial Killers

I would send my pen pals money for postage and phone time to write and call me. After a few years, I'd had conversations with many of America's most infamous and hated individuals.
Christopher Duett

Six Uniquely Terrifying Books for Halloween

It’s the time of year when everybody is celebrating autumn by carving faces into various squash plants and thinking about weird monsters. That sounds cool, but I’m also into more complex forms of horror. If you are too, here's a list of books that...
Blake Butler

What’s Behind All the Right-Wing Cop Shootings?

In the days since Jerad and Amanda Miller shot and killed two cops in Las Vegas, a portrait has emerged of a young couple that had fallen deep into the rabbit hole of right-wing conspiracy theories.
Grace Wyler

A School in Ontario Staged a Fake Massacre for a Police Training Exercise

On November 25, Sheridan College in Ontario hosted a training exercise for the Halton Regional Police Department. Students from the school’s musical theater program acted as if they had been shot, complete with fake wounds and blood.
Joe Strange
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The Acceptable Cost of the Right to Bear Arms

The main weapon used at Newtown was an assault rifle preferred by special forces teams. Now, I’m not an expert. I’m British. But I’m thinking that 20 to 30 semi-automatic .233 rounds through a carbine with a built-in flash suppressor is probably...
Warren Ellis