People Who Actually Work in Schools Don't Want Armed Teachers

As a product of Florida's school system, I hate to think of who might be attracted to teaching if we paid them extra to have guns. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks it's a bad idea.


We Asked Teachers About Pop Culture’s Worst Teachers

‘Yoda. He was always so cryptic.’


Teen Sold Jewish Center Bomb Threats on Dark Web, FBI Says

The 19-year-old arrested for the wave of JCC bomb scares was allegedly charging as little as $30 for each threat, racking up nearly $240,000 for his services.


Teachers Report Spike in Trump-Related Harassment at Schools

Ninety percent of the 10,000 teachers, administrators, and counsellors who responded to the survey reported that the election has had a "negative impact" on students.


A Swarm of Rainbow Butterflies Lights Up a Shanghai Train Station

Jiayu Liu's light installation 'Magic Forest' is like stepping into the world of James Cameron's 'Avatar.'


What Do British Teachers Think About the Controversy Over Face Veils in Schools?

UK schools have considered banning face coverings, but teachers we spoke to said very few girls are wearing them in the first place.


Conservative Canadians Are Losing Their Shit over Gender-Inclusive Schools

While the idea behind the new guidelines are clearly to create a more inclusive school system, some of the inflammatory reactions from the media suggest otherwise.


Read the Email That Shut Down LA's Public Schools

"Something big is going down," warned the anonymous hoaxer in the message that led the Los Angeles Unified School District to cancel classes on Tuesday.


Everything We Know So Far About the Bomb Threat That Closed Los Angeles Schools on Tuesday

In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, the second-largest public school system in America didn't take any chances, but a similar threat in New York City was deemed a hoax by local officials.


A School Is Asking Kids to Sing This Walmart-Themed Christmas Song

"I love to shop at Walmart, there's food and games and toys / There's something for my family, for all the girls and boys!"


Alberta School Boards Declare Rest of World Too Dangerous for Canadian Kids

Two Canadian school boards have canceled all trips to foreign countries, citing ISIS attacks and mass shootings in the US.


Why We Need Gay Sex Education in Schools

The school system is where we need to start educating young people about sex and relationships, because it rarely comes from parents.