Scott Morrison


We Asked Canberra’s Hospo Workers to Review Australian Politicians

"Scott Morrison did the whole 'oh shit I forgot my card' bit. His colleague had to pick up the bill."


What Happens Now? Answering Your Election Questions

Are we screwed over climate change? How did we get this so wrong? Will Penny Wong ever be PM?


Five Things To Know About Australia’s Election Results

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Australia’s Next Federal Election Will Be Held May 18

We've now got five weeks of political campaigning to look forward to.


Scott Morrison Just Authorised the Re-Opening of Christmas Island Detention Centre

The move comes in response to the contentious refugee medical transfer bill that passed the Senate this morning.


Scott Morrison Has Declared That 'West Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel'

The Prime Minister confirmed his government's controversial foreign policy shift on Saturday, but said Australia will not immediately move its embassy.


Scott Morrison's Spotify Playlists Are Fucking Balls

Think our prime minister's 10-hour 'Eighties plus' playlist is bad? Wait 'til you see his sadboy folk mix.


Scott Morrison's Website was Hijacked Overnight

Someone bought the domain and uploaded the song "Scotty Doesn't Know" on repeat.


Scott Morrison Says He Has No Plans of Dealing With Gay Conversion Therapy

The prime minister's comments come just days after some 43,000 people petitioned for a national inquiry into the controversial practice.


I Masturbated to the 2018 Budget and it was... Not Great

There's not enough lube in the universe if you're looking at Peter Dutton.


What to Expect in This Year's Budget and Why it'll Be Sick

Did we say sick? Sorry, we meant "it'll be announced Tuesday."


For Squatters Like Riz, Australian Wealth Inequality Is Pretty Real

Here's what happens when houses become investments only.