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[Best of 2015] The Year in Sculpture

From marble to radioactive waste, the sculptures of 2015 were all about materials.


It's a Giant Flamethrowing Praying Mantis

Arcanechicanery’s metal 'Praying with Fire' sculpture will rear its head at the Maker Faire Bay Area.


1024 Architecture's New Light Sculpture is Truly Illuminating

Using high-tech and low-tech materials, 1024 Architecture's 'VORTEX' uses light and generative sculpture to compose a stunning Q-hour meter in the Darwin Ecosystem Project's green building in Bordeaux, France.


See Argentina's Endangered Species Preserved As Cardboard Sculptures

To raise awareness for Argentina's endangered wildlife, Estudia Guardabosques lets you hang out with cardboard renditions of animals threatened by deforestation.


Paintings Try To Escape Their Frames In These Dynamic Sculptures

Mutiny! Dr. Yuki Matsueda's heat-press sculptures look like they're trying to pop loose from their frames.


Artificial 3D Sculptures Evoke Mind and Matter In Sui Park's 'Thought Bubbles'

The zip tie sculpture series was inspired by Mother Nature's "magical and marvelous" organic structures, says Park.


Artist's Retrospective Celebrates 10 Years Of Giant Piñatas, Kinetic Cabinets, And 3D-Printed High Heels

Opening September 6, Sebastian Errazuriz's retrospective at CMOA is as exciting and playful as it is contemplative.


Sculptor Creates Illusion Of 'Elastic' Metal In London Subway

These concrete and metal sculptures strive to "materialize" tension and make weight and stretch "palpable."


Kinetic Sculpture Hovers Like An Ethereal Halo

Vincent Leroy's "Boreal Halo" inspires the feeling that maybe pixie dust really does exist.


Industrial Japanese Landscapes Reconstructed Using Human Hair

Takahiro Iwasaki's mini-models of power plants provide a bleak parallel between industrial gloom and lifeless hair.


Introducing Laser Cat, The Giant Feline Sculpture That Shoots Art Out Its Eyes

This 20-foot-tall, inflatable cat is traveling around the world, projecting art on to walls through laser-beam eyes. "PEW PEW!"


Handmade Grenades Release Music When You Pull The Trigger

Maskull Lasserre's sculpture series "Beautiful Dreamer (pulled)" is explosive, in a way.