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The Long, Strange Conservative Obsession with Obama's Sexuality

After his official portrait was revealed, far-right websites alleged it contained "secret sperm."
Eve Peyser
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People Are Destroying Perfectly Good Keurig Machines for Sean Hannity

Marvel at the state of our modern-day society.
River Donaghey
Can't Handle the Truth

The Wikileaks-Linked Murder Conspiracy Consuming Conservative Media

A baseless rumor about a tragic murder has become the most important story in some corners of the internet—and on Sean Hannity's show.
Mike Pearl

Everything Is Awful, Let's Make Fun Of Sean Hannity's 'Street Martial Arts'

The most satisfying thing about all of this is that Sean-Jitsu is a bipartisan issue. Even his own side thinks that he’s full of shit.
Sarah Kurchak
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The Angry Conservative Response to Beyoncé's ‘Lemonade’ Has Been Swift and Pointless

From Sean Hannity to Michelle Malkin, conservatives have been having a shit-fit about this "bad role model" this week.
Dan Ozzi
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Donald Trump Would Probably Be Fine with Creating a Database of Muslims

The things that come out of Trump's mouth shouldn't surprise us anymore. And yet somehow, he manages to find a way.
Brian McManus

Is Filming the LAPD Driving Up Crime in Los Angeles?

According to one expert, citizens filming incidents of police brutality could be discouraging cops from enforcing the law.
Mike Pearl
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Squareheaded Ballbag Sean Hannity Asks: Why Can You Buy Rap Albums, but Not the Confederate Flag?

"Can I download Fiddy Cent on Amazon?"
Dan Ozzi

We Let Yousef Munayyer Answer the Questions Sean Hannity Wouldn't

Munayyer was shouted down on Fox News, leading to an internet spat involving Gaza and Russell Brand.
Michael Grothaus