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“You have to learn how to say some pretty nasty stuff,” says one of the male instructors at an “adrenal stress training” course.


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Self-Defense Lessons Gain Popularity In Trump's America

According to a recent report in The Daily Beast, martial arts and self-defense class attendance has been at an unprecedented high since Donald Trump's presidential win. And most of those new students are women, LGBTQ people, and Muslim individuals.


How Honor Blackman Brought Women's Self Defense to Television

Speaking of pussies that you shouldn't grab without permission, the actress behind the famous Bond Girl Pussy Galore was a high-ranking judoka who published her own book on self-defense the year after Goldfinger came out.


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You Can't Shoot Strangers Just Because You're Scared

We still don’t know how or why 19-year-old Renisha McBride wound up on Theodore Wafer’s suburban front porch last November. But we do know that Wafer responded by shooting her in the face through a screen door—and that that's murder.


This Stab-Proof Clothing Aims to Keep Medellin Safe

The Miguel Romano clothing line was inspired by the murder of local rapper El Duke. We spoke to co-founder Michael Puscar to learn what it feels like to be stabbed in a blade-resistant shirt, and to find out if the best way to honor a peacemaker’s...


Meet the British Grandfather Who Taught Brazil’s Riot Police How to Fight

Brazil has a reputation for dealing with protesters by killing them. Sensing PR problems in the lead up to the World Cup, they called Steve Costello, a 72-year-old British karate instructor, so riot cops would have an arsenal of effective fighting...