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Voter Registration Has Surged Since Taylor Swift's Political Instagram Post say that 65,000 people signed up to vote yesterday after Swift endorsed two Democratic candidates in Tennessee.
Alex Robert Ross
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Kavanaugh’s Ex-Roommate: Devil’s Triangle Was Totally a Sex Thing

Specifically a threesome, according to Urban Dictionary.
Drew Schwartz
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Woman Who Confronted Jeff Flake in the Elevator: 'I Wanted Him to Feel My Rage'

The protesters who cornered Flake just before he voted on Kavanaugh's confirmation spoke out about why they did it.
Drew Schwartz
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John McCain Is Discontinuing Medical Treatment

The Republican war hero and onetime candidate for president has been battling brain cancer.
Carter Sherman
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Michaelia Cash Isn’t Sorry For Her Comments About Bill Shorten's Female Staff

Malcolm Turnbull has come to her defence, saying Cash has been "bullied and provoked".
Staff Vice
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Michaelia Cash Withdraws "Sexist" Comments About Bill Shorten's Female Staffers

It's been a weird afternoon in parliament, although that's nothing new.
VICE Staff
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Kid Rock Donated All the Funds From His Bogus Senate Run

To a conservative voter registration group.
River Donaghey

How the Democrats Took Alabama for the First Time in 25 Years

A perfect storm of scandal, an already controversial candidate, and an energized electorate led to a shocking Doug Jones victory in Alabama on Tuesday.
Eric Velasco
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Centrelink Recipients Won't Be Drug Tested After All

The government has abandoned its controversial plan after failing to impress the Senate.
Katherine Gillespie
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Why Evangelical Christians Stand Behind Accused Sexual Predators

Principles have given way to raw, ugly partisanship.
Issac J. Bailey
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Kid Rock Is No Longer Running For Senate, Democracy Weeps

"Fuck no, I’m not running for Senate," —Kid Rock, October 2017.
Lauren O'Neill
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The Real Scandal of the Trump Administration Is How Little it's Accomplished

Underneath all the controversies, the Republican-dominated government has failed so far to live up to many of its promises.
Mark Hay