Jodi Arias Got Life in Prison Without Parole at the End of Her Long, Bizarre Murder Trial

Five years after the brutal murder of Travis Alexander, and two years after the beginning of one of the most tabloid-friendly trials in recent years, Arias was finally sentenced in an Arizona courtroom.


Australia's Best Failed Drug Smuggling Efforts of 2014

Wine casks and lava lamps are two of the more surprising ways people tried to bring drugs into Australia with last year.


Freya Newman and the Hypocrisy of A Surveillance State

The woman who outed Frances Abbott's secret $60,000 scholarship may have been freed, but the government's willingness to spy on citizens and prosecute a remorseful young woman highlights its own hypocrisy.


I Went Undercover in America's Toughest Prison

I didn’t believe that a concentration camp could exist in America until, in Phoenix, Arizona, I saw one with my own eyes. Maricopa County is a fuzzy-lawed place where sentenced and un-sentenced inmates alike do hard time together.