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When a Binding Contract With God Means Staying Silent on Sexual Abuse

Evangelical megachurches are leaning on a favorite tool of corporations to protect themselves from liability in the MeToo era.
Alex Norcia
16 hours ago
R. Kelly

R. Kelly Is Back in Jail—This Time for Failing to Pay Child Support

Kelly will stay in jail until he pays more than $160,000 in child support to his ex-wife.
Rex Santus
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Catholic Priests Keep Saying They Forgot About Sex Abuse

They seem to be the only people who cannot keep track of this crisis.
Alex Norcia
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Somehow, the Catholic Church Is Still Getting Worse

The latest horrific revelations of sexual abuse unpunished show, yet again, that the Church's first tactic is to make excuses and hide.
Alex Norcia

The Catholic Church Is Rich Enough to Settle Sex Abuse Cases Forever

Guess how much the Church claims St. Peter's Basilica is worth.
Alex Norcia

What Would Happen if Roman Catholic Priests Were Allowed to Have Sex

Probably more priests. But with the Church under scrutiny over sex scandals across the planet, it might happen sooner than you think.
Alex Norcia
Australia Today

The Anglican Church Is Selling a Bunch of Churches to Pay Assault Victims

A list of 76 churches in Tasmania are up for grabs.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

Catholic Cardinal George Pell's Child Sex Abuse Hearing Reopens

After days of evidence behind closed doors, the Melbourne court let the public and media inside.
Maddison Connaughton
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What the Fuck Is Going on in This 2004 Ben Affleck Interview?

In the resurfaced footage, Affleck pulls the reporter​ onto his lap, asks about her cleavage, and says the TV station would "like it better if [she] did this show topless​."
River Donaghey

What Is It About Religion That Fosters Abuse?

And more importantly, how can we stop abuse from occurring on an institutional level?
James Nolan
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What We Know So Far About the Alleged Dolezal Sex-Abuse Scandal

Rachel Dolezal's story keeps getting more complex and disheartening as the days roll on.
River Donaghey

The Gary Glitter Fans Who Can't Let Go of Their Child-Abusing Idol

Despite his numerous convictions, the pedophile glam rocker still has a die-hard following.
Patrick Smith