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As My Family Tried to Arrange My Marriage, I Was Secretly Swiping on Tinder

My parents, unaware that I already had a dating profile of my own, signed me up for an online matchmaking service—similar, in a sense, to Tinder, but with far different expectations.


We Interviewed Our Parents About Their Sex Lives

It was as traumatising as it was reassuring.


We Asked an Expert About that Data on Right-Wing People Having Happier Sex Lives

Look, no one just wants to sit here and accept the fact that being "very right-wing" means you're having a better time with sex. We need answers.


Why I Still Don't Give Blowjobs (Most of the Time)

Blowjobs are a privilege, not a right.


Everything I Learned Researching the Female Orgasm

There's long been a societal (and scientific) bias against female sexuality. Fortunately, that is slowly changing with more women taking their pleasure into their own hands.


How Virtual Reality Porn Helped Me Come to Terms with Monogamy

When the scene ended, I actually felt relieved. It felt like I'd cheated on my girlfriend in real life.


How to Make a Long-Term Relationship Work in Your Twenties

Some handy tips for dealing with the issues every long-termer will go through.


Mohammed Abad, the Man with a Prosthetic Penis, Has Finally Lost His Virginity at 44

Mohammed Abad lost his penis in a car accident. After getting a prosthetic penis decades later and arranging to lose his virginity, he was in another car crash and had to delay his plans.


The Posthumous Pornification of H. P. Lovecraft

Born 125 years ago today, the massively influential horror author with inexcusable politics has spawned an unlikely sexual empire.


How to Come to Terms with Your Attraction to 'Fat Girls'

This goes out to all the dudes who have told me "I'm not attracted to fat girls," even though they had sex with me and I am fat.


What I Learned at a 'Fifty Shades of Grey'–Inspired Sex Expo

You can find examples of true love anywhere, even at a workshop dedicated to teaching older couples paint-by-numbers BDSM.