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People in Papua New Guinea Keep Injecting their Dicks with Coconut Oil

A worrying number of people have disfigured their penises while trying to enlarge them, in what doctors are calling a "nationwide problem."
Gavin Butler
The VICE Guide to Right Now

No One Asked, But Duterte Says He Has A Big Dick

Whatever people think when they say “big dick energy,” this ain’t it.
Lex Celera
sex work

How Online Sex Work Is Changing Singapore's Red Light District

The streets of Geylang are less seedy, but is that a good thing?
Andre Frois

Why Climbing Mt Everest Gives People Weird Boners

We spoke to a mountaineer about the effect high altitude has on blood pressure... and dicks.
Laura Roscioli

How to Tell if Your BDSM Relationship Is Abusive

A psychologist explains the line between a healthy exchange of power and potentially fatal abuse.
Matthew Terrell

I Stopped Trying to Make Sex a Performance and Started Loving Myself

I wonder what it would be like to just be natural, without pretending to be your “best,” “hottest” self to a partner.
Aluna Francis

Find Out If Your Top Sexual Fantasy Is Unique or Just Boring

A new survey shows that way more people than you'd think are very horny for traffic wardens.
Mac Hackett

How I Enjoyed Sex Again After My Herpes Diagnosis

After Emily Depasse received a herpes diagnosis in 2015, she felt unloveable and hopeless about her future. Over time she realized that the STI wasn't a life sentence—and she was worthy of pleasure.
Emily Depasse
reproductive health

Why Does Penetration Hurt During Sex for Some People?

In the US, an estimated one in 500 women has vaginismus, a condition that makes penetrative sexual intercourse incredibly painful. Broadly spoke to women about how vaginismus has affected their sex lives—and what they'd change about how it's diagnosed and
Maighna Nanu

For $1,500 Per Month This Woman Will Get You Tinder Dates

Holly Bartter handles the swiping and chatting so you can enjoy some dating.
Naeun Kim

If You Wanna Be Poly, You Can't Be a Jealous Mess

'It's not monogamy, you don’t get to tell anybody who to love and how to love and how not to love.'
Nicole Clark

Men Explain, in Great Detail, Why They Don't Eat Pussy

Previously, we explored the psychology of men who refuse to perform oral sex on their female partners, but we were unable to find any brave enough to go on the record. After the article's publication, they sought us out in very gregarious droves.
Mish Barber Way