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'Leaving Neverland' and the Complex Process of Revising Your Memories

Learning of a loved one’s sexual violence can feel akin to betrayal, as I was reminded by HBO's documentary about Michael Jackson.
Lydia Mack
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'We Have So Few Priests:' Young Catholics Are Afraid for the Future of the Church

The Catholic Church’s summit on protecting children was supposed to be a significant event.
Hind Hassan
Sean Stephens
Australia Today

Cardinal George Pell has Been Found Guilty of Child Sexual Abuse

The former archbishop of Melbourne is the most senior Catholic cleric to ever be convicted of sexually abusing children.
Gavin Butler
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R. Kelly Officially Charged With 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

The musician had been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse of young girls for decades.
Rex Santus

'He Was a Sexual Predator' Says Director of New Michael Jackson Doc

Dan Reed, director of 'Leaving Neverland,' spoke to us about his new film, which details allegations of sexual misconduct against the king of pop.
Josiah Hesse
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Somehow, the Catholic Church Is Still Getting Worse

The latest horrific revelations of sexual abuse unpunished show, yet again, that the Church's first tactic is to make excuses and hide.
Alex Norcia
Australia Today

George Pell in Court: I’m Innocent and It’s All a Big Mistake

The Catholic cleric will stand trial over claims of sexual assault.
VICE Staff
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The Day the Church Stopped Believing Victims

Four years ago, the Anglican church apologised to a woman who claimed she'd been raped by a Bishop as a child. Today, a report said that apology should never have been given, and the Establishment are thrilled.
Sam Wolfson

The Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous Perpetuates Sexual Abuse

Women are encouraged to “look for their part” in what's happened to them.
Elizabeth Brown

Inside the Australian Clinic For Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse

Around 300 patients are seen every year, most of them young boys between the ages of three and 17.
Alana Schetzer
Sexual Assault NZ

These Photos of Sexual Assault Survivors Go Beyond the Stock Image Cliches

New Zealand photographer Megan Bowers-Vette is tackling shame and creating a community with the Us Project.
Frances Morton
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Prep Schools Hid Sex Abuse Just Like the Catholic Church

Teachers accused of abuse and even rape were passed off to other schools with recommendations. And that might just be the tip of the iceberg
Susan Zalkind