• 7.5.16

      How to Make a Cross Joint

      If you've ever watched the classic stoner comedy Pineapple Express you may have wondered how one goes about making a cross joint. Weed expert Abdullah Saeed demonstrates how.

    • 7.1.16

      How to Make a Pipe Out of a Banana

      Apples aren't the only fruit that make a great DIY smoking device.

    • 6.30.16

      How to Make Your Own Rosin Hash with a Flat Iron

      On this episode of 'Smokeables,' Abdullah breaks out a hair straightener, a dab kit, and some parchment paper to show us how to easily dab at home.

    • 6.29.16

      How to Make a Firecracker Weed Edible

      Abdullah walks us through the steps to make this really tasty edible that only requires a little pot, a toaster oven, some graham crackers, a bit of hazelnut spread, and about 25 minutes of your day.

    • 2.21.15

      'Munchausen' by Ari Aster

      Ari Aster's new film is a Pixar-inspired silent short about a clingy mother who goes to extreme lengths to keep her son from going off to college.

    • 11.19.14

      I'm Short, Not Stupid Presents: 'Interesting Ball'

      The film is a spectacularly absurd story comprised of little vignettes that are linked together by the path of a bouncing red ball.

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    • 10.24.14

      Shorties: A Quick Chat with Russell Brand

      We sat down with Russell Brand to discuss his grand vision of revolution.

    • 6.24.14

      A Piece of the Bottom

      With more than 3,500 miles of coastline, Maine is America's biggest ocean frontier. Here, self-regulated lobstermen struggle to hang on to their way of life—even if it means fighting to the death for their piece of the bottom.

    • 3.14.14

      We Got 20 Strangers Who Aren't Models to Kiss Each Other

      When you get actual strangers, not models, to make out for the camera—when you're not filming a clothing commercial—it's not particularly beautiful or inspiring. It's just really awkward.

    • 2.21.14

      Things Get Weird at NYFW

      Maybe we just don't get fashion? But what if we did? That's pretty trippy if you ask us. So naturally, when we had all this B-roll eye candy left over from our fashion week coverage, we got stoned and made this video.

    • 2.20.14

      Old at Fashion Week

      This fashion week, we brought our good friend Dottie along. Dottie just turned 70, so she's not too cool to ask obviously important but regularly ignored questions like "Why are the models so thin?" And "Why does that snuggie cost more than a Fabergé...

    • 2.19.14

      VICE Does New York Fashion Week

      Fashion Week is like a cosplay convention for the kids who fetishized copies of i-D instead of anime books about tentacle porn. During the runway presentations, we chatted it up with a bunch of the lovable weirdos who frequent the shows.