The VICE Guide to Right Now

These Short Films Made of Corporate Stock Footage Are Creepy as Fuck

In case you needed another reason to quit your job.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Armie Hammer's Balls Had to Be Digitally Edited Out of 'Call Me By Your Name'

"They were short shorts. What’re you gonna do?"
Drew Schwartz
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Tropfest Winner About the Transformative Power of a Good Suit

Filmmakers Daniel Cloud Campos and Spencer Susser bring outfits to life in 'Shiny,' using stop-motion animation, incredible sound design, and a swift sense of movement.
Jeffrey Bowers

The Best 2015 Short Films You Can Watch Online

From Sundance darlings to a Simpsons parody, here are the best ten short films you can watch in their entirety right now on your computer.
Jeffrey Bowers
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Watch the Gross 'Back to the Future' Parody That Spawned 'Rick and Morty'

The wonderfully twisted 'The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti' was creator Justin Roiland's attempt to "troll" Universal Pictures.
Jeffrey Bowers
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

St. Vincent Returns Home to Texas, Wanders the Wilderness, and Sings at a Baseball Game

"Out here you can just exist."
Noisey Staff
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Watch This Mind-Meltingly Violent Short Film About Vikings Fighting Mutants

Joseph Bennett's "Odin's Afterbirth" is here and it's bloody disgusting.
Jeffrey Bowers
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I'm Short, Not Stupid Presents: 'Kung Fury'

The viral sensation manages to combine David Hasselhoff, a 200-foot-tall Norse god, and a kung-fu-wielding Hitler (Kung Führer) into an outrageous, 80s-inspired action package that is every fan boy's wet dream.
Jeffrey Bowers
Holy Shit

Wow, Let's All Stream Hot Chip's New Album 'Why Make Sense?'

Boy oh boy, it sure "makes" "sense" to stream this record!
Eric Sundermann

Take a Tour of Shanghai—In Reverse—In This Mesmerizing Short Film

Our brain hurts so good.
Beckett Mufson

Sparks Fly in an Animated Tribute to Imagination

'One Bright Dot' is what happened when Clément Morin started animating a film without knowing how it would end.
Becky Chung

Square Peas and Sleep Mobiles: New Doc Explores Dominic Wilcox’s Wild Ideas

Liam Saint-Pierre's 'THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL,' dives into the inventor and designer's unconventional creativity.
Beckett Mufson