Sierra Leone


How a Young Sierra Leonean Is Fighting Poverty with Bicycles

Two wheels can make all the difference, as philanthropist and bike enthusiast Abdul Karim Kamara knows.
Tom Owen
Australia Today

Some of Those Missing Commonwealth Games Athletes Turned Up

It’s estimated that more that 100 are still missing.
VICE Staff

Black Magic and Chicken Blood: Photos of My Week with Sierra Leone's Witch Doctors

A gallery of photographer Olivia Acland's latest work from Sierra Leone where she visited doctors that use a combination of black magic and herbal medicines to cure the sick.
Olivia Acland

What Life Was Like on the Ground During the Ebola Crisis

We spoke with correspondent Danny Gold about the psychological effects of reporting on a deadly epidemic, and if the world will be better prepared for the next one.
Dory Carr-Harris

Watch a Surreal Rap Video from Sierra Leone

When two TED fellows get together, they can make something truly different.
Beckett Mufson
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Inside the Life of London's Most Notorious Party Promoter

In the 1980s, "Fast Eddie" Davenport made a name for himself as the host of hedonistic parties for teenage aristocrats. By 2011, he was better known as one of Britain's richest fraudsters.
Rhys James

We Spoke to an Anti-Female-Genital Mutilation Activist About the Lifelong Impact of Cutting

Due to the secrecy that surrounds FGM, the true extent of the practice in Western countries isn't known. We spoke to the director of No FGM Australia, the Human Rights Award–winning charity that works to abolish the practice.
Phoebe Hurst

Which Countries Should You Be Scared of in 2015?

A guide to the globe's bad guys.
Oscar Rickett

What Life Is Like for Liberians Dealing with the Ebola Outbreak

I wanted to know how people in Monrovia (where the ebola outbreak has hit hardest) are coping, so I checked in with my old friend Segbe Nyanfor, a human rights activist and longtime resident.
Tyler Stiem

I Was a Psychologist at an Ebola Treatment Center in Liberia

"I wouldn't say I was brave. Or maybe it is bravery, but the most important thing in my mind is to look objectively at the risks and decide whether or not you think you could help."
Theresa Jones as told to Helen Nianias
Here Be Dragons

Ebola Isn't a Medical Problem, It's a People Problem

You can create the most sophisticated medicines and vaccines in the universe, but none of that matters if most countries can't afford them-or even afford to train doctors in the first place.
Martin Robbins

Australian Police Stopped a Public Beheading Plot Allegedly Linked to the Islamic State

And more bad news from around the world.
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