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Mike Shinoda Listens to 'Reign In Blood': "I'm Going to Piss Off Slayer Fans"

The Linkin Park co-founder and solo artist might be the only person who’s played Ozzfest and worked with Rick Rubin who's never checked out Slayer’s 1986 thrash classic.
Josh Terry
To Hell And Back

We Should Be Hopeful About Metal's Future

How two young Japanese girls convinced me that metal is changing for the better (plus new tunes from Carpe Noctem, Minority Threat, Domkraft, To End It All, and more).
Kim Kelly

Metalheads Are Terrible at Confronting the Grim Realities of Death

On "Resting in Power" and metal's fear of the dark.
Christopher Krovatin
To Hell And Back

Satan Deserves Better Than Slayer

Thoughts on the International Day of Slayer, plus a bunch of killer bands like Tomb Mold and Necros Christos that you should listen to instead.
Kim Kelly
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Dad Makes Daughter Cry When He Refuses to Let Her See Slayer

As if Cinderella or Mickey Mouse could compete with the band's final tour.
Noisey Staff

It's Time for Slayer to Die

Saying goodbye to Slayer as the thrash metal icons prepare to embark upon their final world tour is sad, but it’s the right thing to do.
Christopher Krovatin
TV Week

A Brief History of Metal Bands Crashing TV Shows

From Anthrax to Mastodon to, uh, Anthrax again, here are the best metal appearances on television.
Christopher Krovatin

13 of the Raddest Moments in Metal Songs That You Forgot Were Awesome

From the accent hits in "Dead Skin Mask" to the opening riff of "Sons of Northern Darkness," you know 'em when you hear 'em.
Chris Krovatin

Slayer's Tom Araya and Paul Bostaph Talk Rights, Regrets, and the Constitution

During filming for the first episode of Noisey Shreds, we sat down with the thrash metal legends, and got political
Kim Kelly
Noisey Shreds

God, Guns, and Freedom: Noisey Shreds with Slayer

In this first episode of our new metal series we head to Comic Con in San Diego to hang out with the gods of thrash.
Noisey Staff

Are Slayer Fans Planning To Confront the Westboro Baptist Church at Jeff Hanneman's Memorial Service Today?

Today the Hollywood Palladium will host a memorial service for Jeff Hanneman, the recently deceased founder of Slayer. The Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing, so we spoke to an organizer of the event, who told us his plans to drench the WBC
Basim Usmani
Holy Shit

Of Course Slayer's Video for "Pride in Prejudice" Features a Bunch of Nazis Getting Slaughtered

It features Danny Trejo and is very NSFW.
Phil Witmer