The Beauty and Splendor of Being a Slut

I would estimate that I've slept with up to 3,500 men. But sex, whether at random or not, always represents a human connection—and that can always be beautiful.
Jeff Leavell

Receiving The HPV Vaccine Won’t Turn Eighth Graders Into Sluts

There's really no reason why it would, but medical practitioners are taking parents' fears seriously anyway.
Sarah Ratchford

Famous Dads I Want to Bang

While other girls my age pine over that closeted homosexual from <i>Magic Mike</i>, I sit at home dreaming about creepy old actors who have had multiple marriages both on screen and in real life. These are the famous dads I want to bang.
Sophie Saint Thomas

What It Means to Be a Slut in 2013

The word is as slippery as a used condom. Everyone has a different conception of what constitutes a slut these days, which makes it really hard to know when to be offended. To save confusion, here’s a brief guide to what certain breeds of people mean...
Amelia Abraham

Are You a Slut?

If you're taking this quiz, then you probably already know the answer. Still, why not give your suspicions some validity?
Brian Moylan

What's So Scary About Sluts?

Halloween is the only holiday I’m aware of that is essentially just an excuse for even the most shy and boring girls to walk around self-identifying as prostitutes without getting bitched-slapped by other girls or followed home by skanky men. In an...
Chloe Cross and Matt Shea, Photos: Jake Lewis