Farmer Jailed for Smuggling ‘Outstandingly Dangerous’ Batches of Garlic into Australia

Thousands of garlic bulbs imported under the guise of 'office supplies' could have contained the single biggest threat to Australian biosecurity.


Drug Mule Busted After Australian Airport Security Goes Through His Search History

“Does customs check every bag in Australia?” he asked Google.


Gujarat Is the New ‘Favourite’ Route for Pakistani Cartels Smuggling Drugs to the West

“If a fisherman brings five kgs of heroin along with 500 kgs of fish in his boat, it is very difficult to catch him.”


Auckland Woman Finds $3 Million Worth of Cocaine Washed Up on a Beach

She'd been walking her dogs, she said, and naturally the dogs "tried to mark it as theirs."


Malindo Air Crew Have Been Smuggling Drugs into Australia for Years, Police Allege

Investigators believe the Malaysian airline's attendants may have smuggled in at least $21 million worth of drugs over five years.


Looks Like Someone Lost a Bunch of Drugs at Sea, Again

A man tried to smuggle drugs into Australia by welding them to the bottom of a boat. He failed.


This Durry Fiend Tried to Smuggle 9.5 Million Cigarettes Into Australia

Authorities found a whopping 475,000 packs of ciggies stacked inside a shipping container.


Stop Trying to Fly Drugs Into Prisons With Drones

At least six people have tried this in Australia in the past few months. Zero have succeeded.


Smugglers are Selling Australia’s Native Reptiles on the Black Market

Why smuggle drugs when you can smuggle lizards?


A Massive Underground Drug Tunnel to Mexico Was Found Underneath an Abandoned KFC

Feds stumbled upon the underground passageway after cops busted the building's owner with meth, coke, heroin, and fentanyl.


Apparently International Drug Smugglers Love Kingswoods

Or at least that's what the French authorities say.


Judge Slams Millennial Instagram Culture While Sentencing Woman for Cocaine Smuggling

Mélina Roberge received eight years for her part in a scheme to smuggle coke into Australia via a cruise ship.