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Why Sex Workers Want Scottish Independence

We spoke to Sex Workers 4 Yes about the second referendum.
Niamh McIntyre
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Tartan Terrorism: The Forgotten History of Scotland's Violent Extremism

Sectarian violence in the 1970s and 80s was perpetrated by the far left, but could a post-Brexit referendum see a new breed of far right extremism crawl out from the fringes?
Matt Broomfield
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How Scottish Football Fans Became the SNP's Most Effective Opposition

Primarily aimed at stamping out sectarianism, the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (OFBA) ranks among the SNP's most divisive pieces of legislation. Questions are now being asked about whether the act should be scrapped altogether.
Graham Ruthven

Everything You Need to Know About the New Scottish Independence Bill

First of all, it's a draft and hasn't been signed off by Scottish parliament. But Nicola Sturgeon looks set on pushing for independence from the UK again.
Zoe Denton

How Scotland Could Ruin Theresa May's Career

Keeping Scotland part of the UK will be one of the Prime Minister's biggest challenges.
Liam Turbett

Why Does the UK Care About the Australian Family Being Deported from Scotland?

Around 40,000 people are made to leave the UK each year. So what's so special about these guys?
Sam Wolfson

Do These Picturesque Scottish Communities Rely on Nukes to Survive?

The economy of towns and villages around the Faslane nuclear base which rely on WMDs that could kill us all.
Liam Turbett
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The Criminalization of Scottish Soccer Fans

The proposed introduction of facial recognition technology has met with anger among Scottish football supporters, who see it as a further step towards criminalising the fans.
Graham Ruthven

Politicians Just Lost a Fight Against Buckfast, Scotland's Favorite Cheap Caffeinated Booze

The drink that "gets you fucked fast" is blamed for many social problems, but the SNP just stopped a Labour attempt to get it banned.
Liam Turbett

Saturday's Scottish Independence Rally in Glasgow Was a Weird Subcultural Sideshow

A year after the independence referendum, the "Hope Over Fear" movement is the awkward sibling of mainstream Scottish nationalism.
Liam Turbett

Talking to Scottish Comedian Limmy About Trolling and Laughing at Terrible Things

"There's something about horror stories, where it's funny to hear these terrible, horrific fucking things happening. It's good, it's... got this cracking feeling to it, where it's safe, it's fiction."
Euan L. Davidson

The UK's Conservative Party Is Waging a War on the Young

They're keeping older British voters happy by pissing off the young. That tactic could blow up in their faces in the long run.
Andrew Dolan