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Question of the Day: How Often Do You Poo Without Using Instagram?

"I like to be inspired by home ideas and think about home redecorating while on the toilet."
Stephen Smit
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Seventeen Years Later, America Still Has No Idea What to Do on 9/11

Garfield the cat is staring at a painting of the American flag—what are you doing?
Harry Cheadle
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I Went Through All of My Old Tweets and Was Horrified by What I Found

Deleting my tweets one at a time was an education in self-loathing and shame—and 100-percent worth it.
Eve Peyser

How 'Jackass' Spawned Internet Fame as We Know it Today

Honestly, if you are a viral star in the modern era, you should be forced to renounce your religion and pray to the show's stars.
Krang T. Nelson

Instagram's Boundary-Pushing Documentary Photographers

We found six shooters who are making groundbreaking work in the genre.
Jon Feinstein
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Man Went Around Shooting Female Drivers He Thought Were 'Incompetent,' Cops Say

Nicholas D'Agostino told a local news channel he shot at the women in self-defense.
Allie Conti

The Impossible Job: Inside Facebook’s Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People

Moderating billions of posts a week in more than a hundred languages has become Facebook’s biggest challenge. Leaked documents and nearly two dozen interviews show how the company hopes to solve it.
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox

People Who Base Their Self-Worth on Others Are More Likely to Be Facebook Addicts

A study published in “Computers in Human Behavior” found that this trait was a better predictor than self-esteem alone.
Kaleigh Rogers

Donald Trump Jr's Instagram Is a Shakespearean Tragedy

The president's eldest son posts memes of his dad, asks followers if he should keep his beard and always reads the comments.
Eve Peyser

Man Tweets at KFC for a Year Until They Bring Back His Favourite Dish

A hero for the modern age.
Dan Bratman
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When Teenage Facebook Becomes Adult Facebook

Hold the fairground mirror of your peers up to your ageing process. You're welcome!
Lauren O'Neill

Apparently Pizza Is the Most Photographed Food on Instagram

A new Italian study claims that of the 300 million food photos uploaded to Instagram, 17 million contain the hashtag “pizza.”
Phoebe Hurst