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SA Police Offered a $30 Gift Card to Whichever Officer Issued the Most Traffic Fines

The police force has since retracted the incentive, saying it goes against official policy, and insisted that it has "no quotas" for fines.


Queensland Just Legalised Abortion, So What About the Rest of Australia?

People in Queensland will now be able to access abortion up to 22 weeks into the pregnancy. Other states have different rules.


New South Wales has the Cheapest Pills in Australia

The wholesale price of an ecstasy pill works out about the same as a cup of coffee.


South Australia Is No Longer the Chill, Weed Loving State

Possession fines are set to quadruple.


Dick Smith Is Offering $5K to Solve the Mystery of the Marree Man

In 1998 this carving appeared in the desert. Dick wants answers.


A South Australian Jockey Was Caught On Camera Punching His Horse

He was only suspended for two weeks.


Meet the River Rats: South Australia’s Outback Drifters

A story of murder, drugs, and caravans on the Murray River.


Elon Musk to Use Australia as Tesla's Renewable Energy Testing Ground

The billionaire has committed to building the world's largest lithium iron battery at a wind farm in Jamestown, South Australia.


A Drunk Tour of South Australia’s Premier Goon Region

Welcome to where parties come from.


Just FYI, South Australia is Running on 50 Percent Renewable Energy

Which means they've hit their renewable energy target eight years ahead of schedule.


Citizens Have Voted Against South Australia's Nuclear Storage Facility

A jury of 300 randomly selected people have declared the facility comes with too many unknowns.


Coroner Clears Everyone In The Death Of Phillip Hughes But Still Lays Boot Into Cricket

“An outsider is left to wonder why such a beautiful game would need such an ugly underside,” said Coroner Barnes of excessive sledging while also taking aim at cricket’s commercialisation and the inadequate emergency response to Hughes’ fatal injury.