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Oh This? Just a Giant Starmap Made By a Hacked 80s Knitting Machine

Australian engineer Sarah Spencer unveiled “Stargazing: A knitted tapestry” over the weekend at the Electromagnetic Field Camp festival.
Becky Ferreira

NASA's Doomed Cassini Spacecraft Lives on in an Immersive Art Experience

Celebrate the life of a nuclear-powered satellite at the experimental art installation 'BEYOND CASSINI.'
Jenn Hoffman

Vintage-Style Posters Celebrate the 2017 Great American Eclipse

Astronomer and artist Tyler Nordgren celebrates the 2017 Great American Eclipse in a beautiful poster series.
Dyllan Furness
string art

This String Artist Wants to Take You to Outer Space

Meet the Polish artist who uses strings to dive into the depths of outer space.
Sean Neumann
50 states of art

How One Man Turned an Arkansas Garage into an International Art Gallery

Good Weather is a DIY space that brings artists from all over the world to North Little Rock, AR.
Beckett Mufson
art trends

Art Trends: Collages of Constellations

You've definitely seen them on Instagram. But why?
Emerson Rosenthal
space art

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Will Crash into Saturn in a Blaze of Glory

This stunning CGI short recounts its historic accomplishments before unveiling its dramatic, planet-plunging finale.
Kevin Holmes
space art

Three Artists Locked Themselves in a Museum for a Simulated Mission to Mars

Alongside Amapola Prada and Elizabeth Marcus-Sonenberg, artist MPA spent 10 days in a corridor of the Whitney as a meditation on colonial legacies and future colonization on Mars.
Andrew Nunes

Dancer Takes Zero-Gravity Flight to Create 3D Dance Performance

French artists Paul Marlier and Jeanne Morel teamed up with French space agency CNES to materialize a dance performance inside Novespace’s parabolic flight, Air Zero G.
DJ Pangburn
space art

NASA's New Exoplanet Posters Have Us Booking Rockets to Trappist-1

Science can't take us there yet, but artists can.
Beckett Mufson

Cosmic Visuals React to Live Audio in VR Performance 'SONO'

A performance by band LIVYATANIM gets transformed into a binaural spatial audio experience.
Kevin Holmes

Inside a Giant Seashell, Hear the Sounds of Outer Space

An immersive installation from NASA and STUDIOKCA turns satellite trajectories into sound art.
Masha (Maria) Koblyakova