Sri Lanka


Stressed Out Elephants Trample Crowd at a Sri Lankan Festival

Buddhist night festivals are infamous for mistreating elephants, whose legs are shackled and stabbed during the parades.


Sri Lanka’s Tourism Business Slumps Following April Bombings

While tourism is the country's fastest-growing source of foreign currency, the central bank has lowered the industry's growth forecast in 2019.


Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp Banned Again in Sri Lanka After Violence Against Muslims

It’s part of a worrisome trend of governments blocking citizens' internet access


We Met the Leader of the Group Blamed for the Sri Lanka Easter Bombings

Until Easter Sunday, NTJ was just one of many peripheral hard-line religious groups in Sri Lanka.


Muslim Women in Sri Lanka Are Pissed About the Post-Bombing Burqa Ban

“Some people have been wearing the niqab for over 30 years and it is a very big part of their identity. Are they not citizens of this country? What about their rights?”


The Aftermath of the Sri Lanka Attacks Continues for South Asia’s Young Minorities

There's fear and then there's hope for those living on the fringes.


Sri Lanka’s Muslims fear retaliation and alienation in wake of Easter bombings

Muslims make up less than 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s population and have historically faced persecution by right-wing Buddhist groups.


We Ask Sri Lankan Catholic Youth How the Easter Bombings Changed Their Lives

“The fact that all those people died in a church—a place we all thought beyond doubt was one of the safest places to be in—is just not fair.”


Sri Lanka’s Grief Is Now Turning to Fury at the Government

What we know, and still don’t know, about the bombings in Sri Lanka.


Sons of Wealthy Sri Lankan Spice Empire Reportedly Among Suicide Bombers

Inshaf Ahmed and Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim are said to be among those who carried out deadly attacks in Colombo last weekend.


ISIS Isn't Dead. It's Just Moving to Countries Like Sri Lanka

Defeated in Iraq and Syria, ISIS still has the capacity to support terror elsewhere.


What We Know About the Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka

Almost 300 people were killed and hundreds more wounded.