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Here's How Wes Anderson Built the World in 'Isle of Dogs'

"We had to design every little piece of trash on the island."


Alex Lahey Gets Honest About Her Unhealthy Lifestyle

Her new video for “I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself” actually makes stop motion look cool.


5,566 Stickers Animate The Shins' Wild New Music Video

Directors LAMAR+NIK turn the band into a binder-worthy sticker collection for "Half a Million," off the band's new album 'Heartworms.'


Gamers Designed This Stunning Claymation Video Game Entirely By Hand

Everything in 'Harold Halibut', from the clothes to the rusted furniture, was designed, cut, sewn, and painted IRL.


Run The Jewels' New Claymation Video Is a Shop of Socioeconomic Horrors

"Don't Get Captured" is like if 'Nightmare Before Christmas' were about gentrification, police brutality, and the American justice system.


This Short Will Make You Glad To Have All Ten Toes

The short animation follows cartoons trying to find a missing toe and its insatiable itch.


This 3D Printed Stop-Motion Shows How Far Parents Will Go for Their Kids

Filmmaker Kangmin Kim recounts an odd childhood memory in 'Deer Flower.'


You Won't Believe Explosions in the Sky's New Video Is Stop-Motion

Director Hayley Morris creates awe-inspiring graphics out of cut-paper sculptures.


Watch Millions of Years of Human Evolution Unfold on This Artist's Face

Emma Allen spent hours in front of the mirror putting together this stop motion self portrait.


Adorably Spooky Stop-Motion Animation Explores Life After Debt

Stop-motion animator Simon Allen talks about the struggle of making 'Mother’s Peak' after having his funding was pulled.


[Premiere] Enter a Stop-Motion Dreamworld of Hand-Cut Collage in The Seshen's New Music Video

Sliced up magazines bring the The Seshen’s single “Colors Collide” to collaged life in the surreal new music video from Jesse Cafiero.


[Premiere] Maria Chiara Argirò’s Animated Music Video Visualizes Jazz Improvisation

Illustrator My Elastic Brain illustrates the musical dream world of Italian jazz composer Maria Chiara Argirò’s standout hit, "Dream R."