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We Asked a Manus Island Detainee Where They Will Go Now

VICE's sources inside the PNG detention centre know it's been ruled illegal, but they aren't getting any answers about where they are headed next


Too Good to Be True: Australia Says It's Released All Children From Immigration Detention

Immigration minister Peter Dutton has announced all asylum seeker children in mainland detention have been released. But a source within the department says that's not true.


We Asked Protesters About Anger at Melbourne’s ‘Let Them Stay’ Rally

Thousands gathered around Australia yesterday after the High Court ruled that indefinitely detaining refugees is A-OK.


Australia In 2015: Why We Feel Better About Nothing Changing

Over the past 12 months we haven't fixed our national problems, but we did a great job of pretending to.


A Letter Signed by 600 Detainees on Manus Island Pleads for Their Assisted Suicide

I asked its author what the hell is going on over there.


Undermining Boom: Tony Abbott on the Comeback Trail

Like so many of his promises, his "no sniping" pledge was an indicator that he was about to do the exact opposite.


Why Was it So Hard For Us To Help the Syrian Refugees?

We eventually did the right thing, but with a profound reluctance that will not be forgotten.


Fucking Awesome - Tony Abbott Tried to Advise Europe on Asylum Seeker Policy

Following a mass drowning of asylum seekers in the Mediterranean, Tony Abbott is telling Europe the only way to stop the deaths is to stop the boats.


Photos of Hazara Refugees Trapped in Indonesia on Their Way to Australia

The photographer spent time in Indonesia with the people suffering the consequences of Australia's refugee policies.


Australia, It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Australia used to be a country that embraced the idea of altruism and equanimity. We used to be generous and welcoming. We used to take pride in it. Some of us still do.


As Tensions with Indonesia Rise, Australia's Refugee Situation Is Going to Get Worse

Tensions with Indonesia will likely see more asylum seekers trapped in inhumane detention camps, and harsher policies will make like worse for refugees.