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Jean-Claude Van Damme Was 'Coked Out of His Mind' During 'Street Fighter,' Director Says

Director Steven de Souza described filming the 90s action flick as a total shit show.
Drew Schwartz
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Give Kamasi Washington's Surreal "Street Fighter Mas" Video All the Awards

Battlecat stars alongside two real-life 'Street Fighter' pros as Washington goes in search of a worthy arcade game foe.
Alex Robert Ross

New Documentary 'Living The Game' Takes You Inside the Lives of Professional Street Fighter Players

At Fightland, we spend a lot of time talking people who wanted to grow up to be like the characters in Street Fighter. Today, we talk to Takao Gotsu, the director of a film that profiles the lives of those who grew up to be professional Street Fighter...
Sarah Kurchak
Street Fighter

The Esports VIP Room Debate and the Athlete's Right to Privacy

Private spaces are becoming more prevalent in esports' Fighting Game Community. Is that a problem or is the scene just growing up?
Marc Shaw

Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat Enemies Making Out = Flawless Victory

We always knew Sub Zero and Scorpion had a thing.
Nathaniel Ainley

Inside the Canadian Arcade with the World’s Last 8mm Peepshow

Why Movieland Arcade is still open in 2016 remains a great mystery of our time.
Lonnie Nadler

The Day Jobs of Esports' Biggest Stars

Some of the best esports players in the world balance a second career, by choice. But how long before the game pushes them out?
Imad Khan

Street Fighter Has Become the World's Smallest Premier eSport, and That’s OK

It's the most famous fighting game in the world, yet pro-level Street Fighter is so very far away from the big money competitions of other eSports.
Gareth Dutton

EVO, The World's Biggest Fighting Game Competition, Is Grassroots Esports At Its Best

This weekend, the best fighting game players in the world will descend on Las Vegas. It's not as corporate as you'd expect.
Luke Winkie

What Would 'Street Fighter II' Characters Look Like Today if They Aged?

This is what the eight playable characters of Capcom's 1991 classic might look like today.
Various; Illustrations by Stephen Maurice Graham
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The A-Z Guide to Every Song Sampled on Kanye West's 'The Life Of Pablo'

The rapper's highly-anticipated seventh album features everyone from Arthur Russell to Yoko Shimomura.
Max Mertens
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Here's an Eminem Vs. Street Fighter Mash-Up Album That'll Make You Want to Punch Stuff

Maybe 8 Mile would have been a way better movie if B-Rabbit had been going head to head with Blanka at the Forgotten Waterfall, rather than doing rap battles in Detroit.
Noisey Staff