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Men Spike Women's Drinks More Often Than You Think

Previous research has suggested that the risk of being drugged is an overblown urban myth. But a 2016 study says that drink spiking is very real and often leads to sexual assault for women on college campuses.


Coconut Oil Is Not 'Good for You'

"You can put it on your body, but don’t put it in your body," warns advisory.


Police Are Feeding Celebrity Photos into Facial Recognition Software to Solve Crimes

Law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition systems with little to no rules, found a new study by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology.


There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Coffee, Australian Scientists Say

Jittery? Anxious? Heart pounding out of your chest? If you're downing half a dozen cups a day, you're doing it wrong.


People Write Petty Restaurant Reviews When the Weather Is Bad, Study Says

People being petty on the internet? You don't say!


Cats Are Actually Nice, Scientists Find

Sorry, haters.


People Rate Beer More Highly if They Think it's Made by a Man, Study Says

“There’s an assumption that your woman-made craft beer, screwdriver, or roof rack just won’t be as good.”


Why Smart People Are Lazier than Their Dumb Friends

According to a 2016 study, people with a high need for cognition are more likely to spend their days lounging around and not exercising.


A Mysterious Ocean ‘Blob’ Might Have Kept Female Whales From Getting Pregnant

Scientists believe the blob gives us a grim look at how climate change could affect whales.


Most Free Office Food Is Full of Empty Calories

Sure, it tastes good. But bagels and donuts are not the cornerstones of a nutritious diet, and that's mostly what you get at work—especially when the grub is free—according to a new study.


People Explain Why Threesomes Are Boring and Evil

A recent study looked into threesomes, but the results seemed so boring that I decided to conduct my own.


Boomers Share the Most Fake News on Facebook, Study Finds

A new study found that age was the main factor that determined whether someone would spread misinformation on Facebook.