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Suge Knight Just Hired Michael Jackson's Lawyer to Defend Him from Murder Charges

It's been a busy week for Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records, who refused to even show up for a separate robbery hearing Wednesday by insisting he wasn't healthy enough to make it to court.


Suge Knight Went to the Hospital After Finding Out He's Going on Trial for Murder

The 90s hip-hop scion's lawyer claims he was temporarily blind when he ran over two men in a parking lot, and the surviving victim says he can't remember what happened.


A New Video Reportedly Shows Suge Knight Running Over Two Men with His Truck

The 90s rap mogul previously claimed that this footage is evidence of his innocence, but it's hard to believe it will help him in court.


Suge Knight Has Been Arrested for Killing a Guy With His Car

The Death Row Records mogul appears to have run a guy over with his truck after an argument at a Los Angeles burger joint.


The Evolution of Dr Dre

A look at the landmark moments in the formidable career of Dr Dre, the godfather of gangsta rap.