sunday funday

    • 7.13.15

      Scenes from The Hole, San Diego's Most Glorious Gay Bar

      This is far from the country's most depraved gay bar, but it hovers near the perfect amount of madness, and is that much better for it.

    • 1.4.15

      Herman the Elder

      A documentarian starts creating a movie about a giant spider named Herman the Elder for his series about monsters, but it turns out Herman is a gentle beast.

    • 12.14.14

      My Friend Winegum

      A new comic by Valentine Gallardo about a dreamy party, a third eye, and being young.

    • 11.23.14

      Envoy #2: Blowing Up Robot Sentries

      Sparta and her animal companion Grak are raiding weapons silos in a future wasteland.

    • 11.16.14

      Tommy Peepers

      When you peep into a neighbor's window, the neighbor's window also peeps into you.

    • 11.2.14

      Real Deal Presents: G.C. by Raw Dog

      The most dangerous man in comics, and the genius behind Real Deal Magazine, is now doing comics for VICE.

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    • 10.26.14

      Campfire Friends in Spellwich

      In time for Halloween, Valentine Gallardo outlined how to make a spellwich—the best thing you can make with a regular loaf of white bread. One bite will take you back to a memory in your mind, BUT YOU MUST NEVER, EVER, EVER PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE!

    • 10.5.14

      I Fly So Low

      In Valentine Gallardo's modern comics, frightening nightmare parties, beauty, and fear swirl around in a big snow globe of great drawings.

    • 9.21.14


      Larry Bear skips school and has a perfect day in this comic by award-winning comic book genius Leslie Stein.

    • 9.7.14


      Imagine if your TV was a little, living being. It would fucking hate you.

    • 8.31.14

      Trap Keeper

      In this comic, Panayiotis Terzis draws an age of brutality and beauty. The pleasure comes out of the pain, and the pain comes out of the pleasure.

    • 8.10.14

      Jessica & the Jawbreakers in Cat Added Value

      At first Jessica and the Jawbreakers despise the mean, ugly cat who shows up at their music rehearsal, but once he starts playing tunes, they fall for the ugly kitty's artistic soul.