We Asked a War Correspondent About the Origins of ISIS

Anand Gopal talked to us about the beheading of journalists and why the US needs to stay the hell out of Iraq.
Leighton Woodhouse

America Helped Make the Islamic State

While America pats itself on the back for taking on Islamic militants in Iraq, it's worth remembering that it's fighting a monster of its own creation.
Charles Davis

How Syria's Messy Borders Complicate Journalism, Aid Work, and Politics

The Syrian civil war has made going from country to country in the Middle East a messy business.
Hannah Lucinda Smith

"Tripoli Is Crying": Lebanon's Second City Is On the Brink of Battle

Conflicts between those who support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and those who back the rebels in Syria are always on the verge of breaking out, and tensions are particularly high in the aftermath of an August terrorist attack.
Martin Armstrong

Renegade Clerics Are Battling Hezbollah in Lebanon

Before the war in Syria, Lebanese Sunni cleric Ahmad al-Assir was a respected figure in his country. But as Syria's war has crossed over to Lebanon, Assir’s sermons have turned political, inspiring some Sunnis to wage war against Hezbollah.
Justin Salhani
The Syria Issue

On the Lam in Lebanon

It’s dusk when the rebels move into position within a cluster of lemon and olive groves about 300 feet from the Syrian border post north of the bleak and dusty Lebanese farming village of al-Qaa. I’m watching the operation from behind the troops with...
Mitchell Prothero