SXSW 2015


GoldLink, Unmasked, Comes Down to Earth Before He Takes It Over

DC's GoldLink is on the cusp of serious fame, but the further his music takes him, the less he seems to put up a facade.


Can Virtual Reality Show Us What Love Feels Like?

'LoVR' immersed me in four minutes of dopamine and oxytocin at SXSW.


Pack Up Your Pentagrams and Sit This One Out: Metal And SXSW Are Officially Over Each Other

SXSW booked barely any metal this year, and metal fans have less use for the festival than ever.


These Bands Are Way Cooler Than Whatever You Saw at SXSW 2015

Read this and be completely up to date on that good shit.


The People Keeping Austin Weird During SXSW

Keep it weird, man.


Rappers Are Dressing Like 80s Rock Stars and It's Awesome

Rappers have essentially become the new rock stars, a sentiment that has trickled down into pushing the boundaries of hip-hop’s style.


Good Will Butler Hunting: One Blind Man's Quest to Find a Member of Arcade Fire with the Same Name

What started as a small, funny annoyance has morphed into the greatest challenge of a writer's life. If you’re confused, don’t worry—because most people are.


The Craziest Rap Show at SXSW Was a Korean Import

SXSW is essentially the Turn Uplympics, and Keith Ape won the gold medal.


The Best Phones We Saw Charging at SXSW

At shows, in the sound booth, in a sponsored charging station, by the fire extinguishers—you name it, anywhere there was an open outlet at SXSW there was someone charging their phone.


Check Out Photos from the First Half of SXSW 2015, Featuring Destruction Unit, Sheer Mag, and More

Photographer Steven Ruud documents the sheer mag(ness) of SXSW 2015.


SXSW Day Four: Overhearing Over Here, Tei Shi, The Cribs, and Snoop Dogg

Selfie sadness and The Cribs rule OK?