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How Assad Is Using Hospital Bombings to Win His War in Syria

“Rather than being a place of healing and refuge, hospitals are now some of the most dangerous places for civilians to be.“
Tim Hume
Seven Years of Syria

What it's Like to Turn 18 in a Syrian Refugee Camp

This week marks the seventh anniversary of the Syrian War. Meet some of the young people who've grown up amidst its chaos.
Andrew Quilty
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Holograms Bring the Grim Reality of the Syrian Civil War to America

'Holograms from Syria' puts grisly war images in a hauntingly familiar context.
Andrew Nunes

Devastating Photos of Life in Aleppo

The debut monograph by award-winning photographer Nish Nalbandian immerses you in the turmoil of day-to-day life during the Syrian Civil War.
Grace Leigh

What It's Like to Be in a Town Besieged by ISIS and the Syrian Regime

"People won't leave their houses because they are afraid of snipers."
Patrick Hilsman

We Asked Syrians What They Think of the EU's New Plan for Refugees

On Monday, boats full of refugees were sent back to Turkey from Greece.
Norma Costello

What Life Is Like Inside the Besieged, War-Torn Syrian City of Aleppo

Constant bombing attacks, the destruction of hospitals and schools, and the severing of supply chains have left Aleppo and its estimated 320,000 remaining citizens in dire straits.
Molly Crabapple

We Asked an Expert What the 'Ceasefire' Between the US and Russia in Syria Really Means

Does this agreement between the US and Russia mean that the conditions on the ground will change, or that we're any closer to actual peace?
Mike Pearl

We Asked Experts if Syrian President Bashar Assad Will Ever Be Punished for War Crimes

The embattled strongman could eventually find exile in Russia—if he doesn't wind up before the International Criminal Court.
Pierre Bienaimé

We Spoke to One of the Few Journalists Covering the Syrian Civil War in Aleppo

Rami Jarrah, also known by his alias, Alexander Page, says Russian and Syrian airstrikes are targeting residential areas, not just areas controlled by rebels or ISIS.
Brigitte Noël and Stéphanie Quevillon

Syrians Explain How They Feel About the West Bombing Their Country

"I don't want to see any more killing. I don't want to see blood. I don't want people to die because of airstrikes or weapons of bombs. Death is everywhere in Syria. I just want this war to end."
Norma Costello

We Asked an Expert What Britain's Bombing of Syria Will Actually Achieve

Though the UK's decision to launch airstrikes in Syria was hotly debated and met with protests, it's a largely symbolic move.
Sirin Kale